Our Story

I still remember sitting in my friend’s kitchen in Northcote, feeling really excited for them, but quietly hoping they wouldn’t ask any questions that would stump me. They had just purchased their first home, and I was entrusted to make sure their finance was approved and settled in 30 days.

This was in 2003, and my close mate and I had just set up a business in mortgage broking with no knowledge of loan products or the loan process. We were only young ourselves, but we had a dream to succeed in an industry that had captured our imagination.

When the fax arrived confirming my friends’ loan had settled, their excitement was a joy to witness, but it was also a life changing moment for us. Three things were suddenly clear:

  1. That our work would impact people’s lives and dreams.
  2. That it is a significant responsibility to not just secure a loan, but to liberate people financially, and that only the right loan can do that.
  3. That there was a right way to do our role exceptionally well. Crucial to that was talking to people early in their journey and understanding their plans. Because gathering small but important insights about our clients’ goals early on would make a huge difference in the long term.

Fourteen years later and I am proud to say I have been a key part of my friends’ financial journey. They have since purchased a bigger family home, an investment property and a commercial property.

Finstra has now helped well over a thousand people to build their dreams – from first homes to business purchases and significant housing developments. It’s true that when we started we were green behind the ears. Now we’re known as experts in our field with runs on the board that set us apart. What has stayed the same throughout is our passion. I think that’s what I am most proud of. For us, every loan settled feels as good as that first one.

David Cowen

Our Purpose

Finstra was founded on the core purpose of liberating people financially.

What does this mean?

The idea of financial freedom is different for everyone. For some it might be owning a home, while for others it might be security in retirement.

Our team works closely with each client to clearly understand their personal financial goals, and then work towards achieving those goals together. We want our clients to feel empowered – to be in a position to make educated decisions at each step of their financial journey.

This is the feeling of being liberated financially.

Our Team

You can’t show someone else how to feel financially liberated unless you have walked the path yourself. At Finstra, we share our own personal financial goals with each other.

Of course this looks different to different people at different stages of life. Like you, we’ve bought first homes, renovated houses and purchased investment properties. And every time we do this, we refine the strategies that work, so that we can share them with you.

Walking the talk is really important to us. You can be sure that every year we set new goals so that we can help you to do the same.

Meet our team.


“Finstra is an exceptional and unique finance provider. Reliable, committed and customer focused. Finstra changed our lives by helping us along the road to financial freedom. They are a breath of fresh air.” BA


“Finstra are amazing and exceeded our expectations every step of the way. David even found us a home loan that fit our requirements, when we had been previously told by two banks it could not be done. Go see David and the team – you won’t be disappointed!” DN & FV


“David and the team at Finstra are a professional and friendly group of people passionate about the work they do. David help secure the best loan to suit our needs as well as providing sound strategies to service the loan in the short and long term.” GS & KL


“After once again choosing Finstra to help me purchase a recent investment property, I can safely say Dave and his team’s service is second to none. I look forward to using Finstra’s business again in the future, and highly recommend them for anyone out there looking for real estate purchase!” DB


“The Finstra team has serviced my loans over the ten-year period, often updating me on changes to the market, how this affects my personal situation and proactively managing my accounts to best serve my needs.”



“Finstra restructured our loan in such a way that we found each month we were saving money. This then allowed us to make some home improvements and send our daughter to a private school. We would highly recommend Finstra to all our family and friends.”  



“We met with David for the finances of our first home, and we were nervous as all first home buyers are. We walked into the meeting completely vulnerable and we walked out so satisfied and confident with ourselves – now that’s service.”



“Finstra helped me acquire my first home, my second, and more recently has helped me secure the finances needed to start a new business venture. On each occasion, I’ve been impressed with the team’s professionalism, courtesy and willingness to go above and beyond.”


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