David Cowen


Apart from spending time with his family or playing air guitar to 80s power ballads, nothing energises David more than helping steer clients towards the achievement of their financial goals. He’s all about educating people to help themselves.

Having co-founded the business, David is constantly engaged in bringing fresh and innovative thinking to his team. David’s skills lie in thinking laterally while applying his real pragmatism to build strong client relationships. Knowing that every good business is built on strong foundations, David always makes himself available to his clients throughout their loan application process and beyond.

“Being liberated financially is a feeling of empowerment that you are in control of your financial future. I am constantly reviewing my progress to make sure I am on the path to achieving my goal of home ownership.”




Bronagh Dobson

Operations and Finance Manager

If the stories they tell in accounting circles are true, our in-house CFO Bronagh was born with a calculator in one hand and an excel spreadsheet in the other. Both early signs of her complex budgeting and forecasting super powers.

With six years at PWC, three years as the Financial Controller at The Arts Centre Melbourne,  three years across the Finance and Commercial Manager roles at Fonterra and CFO roles at Melbourne Festival and Specialised Bicycles Aust. & NZ., Bronagh is a phenomenal resource to our business clients. If you want to take your business to the next level then Bronagh is the resource to do it.

Her absolute passion is for leaders to have accurate financial reporting so that they can firstly have confidence in their financial position and secondly make great business decisions.

Outside of work Bronagh enjoys time at her newly acquired block of land in Daylesford and as much travel as she can possibly squeeze in.

“For me being financially liberated means having a sense of ease about your finances, being able to sleep at night knowing what your actual position is, what you can do to improve it and what you can afford to spend.  I have family based all around the world and so I feel personally liberated when I have my finances organised so that I can travel to visit them when I want to, guilt free.”


Renee Weidemann

Credit Adviser

When Renee joined Finstra, she brought twenty years of experience in the retail finance industry, as well as a fondness for chocolate and singing while she works.

Renee’s drive to help her clients is derived from her own experiences of raising a young family (of sports mad boys) and pursuing the great Australian dream of property ownership as a home owner and investor. Renee is deeply invested in the outcomes of her clients’ investment journey. Her extensive experience in varied areas of the credit finance industry allows her to negotiate the hurdles and ensure her Finstra clients are secure on the property ladder.

“To be liberated financially for me means that I can afford to take my kids to Disneyland on a dream US holiday, knowing that my home loan and investment loan are covered for months to come.”


Lucy Gebbing

Credit Adviser

So how can a self-described organised neat freak help clients? Just ask Lucy! Lucy’s organisational skills translate perfectly into the financial setting, and she loves helping clients manage their money and reap the investment rewards.

Even though a really good brunch with her partner Tom and their puppy Millie is hard to beat, when first home buyers experience the settlement process for their first home, that really puts a smile on Lucy’s face.

Lucy has worked with Finstra since 2015 and in that time she has helped many people take those first steps on the property ladder. She can relate only too well, being a first home buyer herself.

“For me, being financially liberated is the simple joy of using my key to open the front door. It’s also being able to invite family and friends over into our own home, as well as having my accounts set up in a way that there is no financial stress if a bill is due.”


Morgaine Miscamble

Credit Adviser

To say Morgaine has had a varied and interesting career so far is an understatement. After high school, she spent five years with the Australian Army, where she learnt to communicate and adapt to people from all walks of life. Along the way, she was able to travel to some amazing countries. From there, she shifted into finance and worked as a Home Lending Specialist with a credit union, crafting her knowledge about mortgages and the property buying process.

Morgaine understands the value of authentic communication. She brings an infectious energy and passion to her work and loves nothing more than helping people make educated decisions about their finances.

Outside of work you’ll see Morgaine’s competitive streak come out on the football field, boxing and running (to name a few). Her weekends are spent brunching and lunching with her family and friends.

 “To me, being financially liberated means being free from bad debt and the stress that comes with that debt. And the liberation comes from putting the strategies and goals in place as soon as I learn them.”


April McClelland

Administration Assistant

April went through the first homebuyer process a few months ago… and guess who her broker was? It was actually this experience at Finstra that sparked her interest in mortgage broking. April enjoyed the process so much that she left wanting to help others to feel that same sense of motivation and achievement. Once she heard we were hiring, it was a match made in home buying heaven.

If we look back a few years, April actually started her career in the finance industry as a bookkeeper. It was here she realised that the ins and outs of running a business and what goes on behind the scenes was something she wanted to keep learning about. After testing the waters in a few other industries, she’s come a full 360 and is settling into her administration role nicely.

Spending time outdoors (preferably with a glass of wine in hand) with her big family and partner is how you’ll find April on an ideal weekend.

“Liberating people financially to me is about knowing that at whatever age its possible to move into your first home and so rewarding after all the hard work saving. Finally getting to the stage of having meetings,  looking at houses and feeling that clarity around buying my first home but also having control over my finances and still being able to do those little things that make life enjoyable.”



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